Unisex Waxing Services

Eyebrow Shaping     $15

Brow Tint                $15

​Nose                       $10

​Arm Wax               $45  
Full Leg Wax          $65
Half Leg Wax         $35
Underarm                $22
Buttox                     $30

​Abdomen                $25

​Full Back                 $58
Half Back                $30


2. Exfoliate the area a few hours before your appointment or the night before. Exfoliating gets rid of the dead skin cells in the area and prevents any ingrown hairs from growing after.

4. Avoid lotions and moisturizers before the appointment. Putting lotion or anything similar in that area can create a barrier for their wax, making it harder for it to grab onto the hairs.

To Prepare for your Wax Appointment


Available at our Johnston Location from 9am - 4pm Monday - Thursday

1. Let your hair grow out before waxing. The ideal length for any hair that is to be waxed is about a quarter of an in or the length of a grain of rice.

​3. For body wax services, wear something loose and comfortable. The skin is sensitive after a wax and you don't want to irritate it with tight clothing.

If you have any questions or concerns, or to enjoy your waxing service

stop in to the SE 14th location from 9am - 4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

​or the Windsor Height location from 1pm - 7pm on Tuesday and Thursday

or call 515-440-1457 to make an appointment

Female Waxing Services

Lip                         $10
Chin                       $15  
Sideburn                 $13  
Full Face                 $35
Neck                       $10
Brazilian                  $55
Bikini, Modified        $45
Bikini, Basic              $35

Classic Tan offers the latest in Waxing services without the fear of skin irritations. The wax we use is designed to attach to the hair and NOT the skin. Hypoallergenic and gentle to the skin, waxing removes the hair for longer lasting smoothness and reduces hair growth.

Male Waxing Services

Ear Wax                 $10
Chest Wax              $58
Half Chest               $30
Back & Chest            $100
Manzilian                $80
Bikini, Modified        $70
Bikini, Basic              $60