The Best Thing for You Skin in Lotion

Nearly every time a you visit a location, Classic Tan tanologists will ask about lotion and list any promotions currently being held. While this may become a touch irksome, especially if you who hear the same ramble every time you visit, we suggest taking an extra bit of time to ask about the lotions - because lotions are important to achieving that bronze color faster and keeping it longer.

Kinds of Lotion
Tingle | Aimed toward experienced tanners,tingle lotionsproduce immediate and intensified color by increasing micro-

              circulation and oxygenation of the skin, creating an intense, warm, tingling sensation across the skin.

Bronzer | Using cosmetic color,bronzer lotions enhance the tanning process by delivering immediate color to the

                topmost layer of skin. The color provided by natural bronzers may last 1-3 days, while the results of using a

                DHA bronzer can last 5-7.

Intensifier |While bronzers give instant color,Intensifiersuse active agents to trigger and boost melanin production

                    and distribution. Intensifiers can take a couple hours to produce visible color, but that color can last 7-10


Tan Extender | Specially designed with prolonged color in mind, tan extendersdo exactly what their names imply -

                          they extend the life of a tan. By providing nutrient rich hydration, this lotion provides the established

                          color with everything it needs to last longer and stay glowing.

Why Use Lotion?

Classic Tan doesn’t promote these lotions just to sell them - they’re essential to getting the perfect tan. Without the use of lotions, you can waste up to 80% of your tanning experience. This is because dead and dry skin actually reflects UV rays and prevents them from producing any color in the skin. However, lotions are designed not only to hydrate your skin, but also to enhance UV rays so that they can reach deeper into the layers of skin to enrich and deepen your tan.

Lotions also stimulate the natural tanning process, meaning that your body is still producing color outside of the bed. This is done when lotions are absorbed deep into the skin to work with the body’s natural chemical composition and the UV rays of the tanning bed to produce extra melanin, the color chemical of the body.

Moisturizing the skin has numerable benefits, including the prevention of burning. Burning happens when skin cells become overwhelmed by the UV rays and wither or die. The body, sensing the damage, rushes blood to the site to try to help. This excess blood results in redness, irritation, and inflammation. However, lotions can help to prevent the whole burning process by strengthening the cells by boosting their melanin production.

Finally, tanning lotions prevent the “after-tan” odor of the body’s natural oils that have been heated in the bed, by providing a pleasant lingering smell of your choosing. Tanning lotions can smell fruity, floral, clean, sweet - there are even lotions that have no lingering scent, just odor fighting ingredients. So, whether you want to smell like you’ve visited the candy store, taken a quick tropical vacation, or stepped clean from the shower, there are a wide variety to pick from.