The Evils of Sulfates in Your Soaps

As you stroll through the world (skin glowing with a gorgeous tan, of course), you may take note of a rising tide against the use of products that contain sulfates. Sulfates, for those left unaware, are synthetic detergents made from sulfur-containing mineral salts. Sulfates are frequently found in soaps and shampoos, because they are part of what make them feel so smooth when they’re applied. While this may not sound too bad, sulfates are actually toxic to skin, hair, and the environment.

Downfalls of Sulfates

While the suds and bubbles can be all fun and games, the result of sulfate-containing products is not. Sulfates make your hair brittle and can cause hormone imbalances, which makes the body more prone to nasty viruses and bacteria. If those effects don’t turn you away, maybe the knowledge that these products leave behind dioxane, a nasty carcinogen, will do the trick. Repeated exposure to this nasty byproduct can allow for it to be absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in decreased immunity and increased susceptibility to innumerable illnesses.

Even though sulfates are dangerous, they’re used for their harsh cleaning power. However, this is where you should be concerned, if you weren’t before. Sulfates eat at and fade the color in your skin and hair. This means that every time you use a sulfate soap, you’re washing some of that tan you’ve worked to achieve literally down the drain. Additionally, sulfates can cause redness, dryness, itchiness, and other irritations on the skin that can hurt or hinder the bronze progress that you have made in your tanning journey.

Save the Color

Now that you are aware of the risks, what can be done about it? First and foremost, look at the ingredients on the back of bathroom soaps. To know if the products contain sulfates, look for the acronyms SLES (sodium laureth sulfate), SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), and ALS (ammonium laureth sulfate). If the ingredients lists include these sulfates, pitch them.

Classic Tan offers severalsulfate free soapsat our locations, and as the awareness of the negative impacts of this ingredient become more known, soaps and shampoos will become more and more available. At present, there are numerous beauty boutiques that offer sulfate-free soaps and cleaners. Classic Tan recommends that clients take advantage of this availability and save their skin from any further damage or color fade.