All tanners want their skin to have a gorgeous golden glow. Whether that color is for an event or a season, one of the best ways to achieve an instant color is with a spray tan. Classic Tan offers a quick and easy way to get the color tanners want with sunless tanning in the Revolution spray booth. Spray tans provide tanners with a gorgeous color in about 15 minutes followed by a couple hours of effortless development. However, just stepping into the booth isn’t the only step to getting that golden glow. In fact, getting in the booth is one of the last steps. But don’t worry, Classic Tan can walk you through the prep and aftercare process.

Prep for Your Spray

1. Exfoliate

         When you decide to get a spray tan, you’re very first step should be to exfoliate. By removing that top layer of

         grime and dead skin, tanners are leaving behind a fresh, smooth canvas for the tan. For the best results, shower,

         shave, and exfoliate at least 8 hours before the service.

2. Leave Skin Bare

         After showering and exfoliating, do not apply lotion, oil, or deodorant. These products disrupt that smooth canvas

         that was just created and can result in streaks, splotches, or discoloration after the spray.

3. Hair and Nails

         Make any nail or waxing appointments before the spray tan. Technicians at these businesses use substances that

         can strip the spray color from your skin before it has a chance to develop.

4. Attend the Tan Session

         Before entering the booth, consider talking to a Classic Tan employee about purchasing a prep kit, an exfoliant

         glove, or some othersunless product. Classic Tan offers prep kits that include a CT Three-in-One Towelette infused

         with green tea extracts and aloe vera to gently exfoliate, cleanse, and correct the skin of any surface imperfections.

         The prep kit also includes a sample size packet of CT Color Maximizer, which acts as a primer for the skin,

         making it perfectly ready to receive the spray tan’s color darkening technology.

Caring for Your Spray

1.  Wait for Development
         Ingredients in the Revolution spray tan solutions take time to work with a tanner’s skin chemistry and darken the

         topmost layers of the epidermis. Because this process takes a few hours for the initial development, and several

         hours after for continued pigmentation, Classic Tan encourages clients to wait 24 hours before showering,

         exercising, or swimming.
2. Tan Extender
         Before leaving the Classic Tan, consider purchasing atan extending lotion. Tan extenders are specifically

         formulated to encourage the skin to hold color longer by providing vital nutrients to aid the spray while it

         develops, resulting in a deeper, longer lasting color. Use any of Classic Tan’s tan extending lotions 6-8 hours after

         the first shower, and with regular frequency afterward to help extend the life of the spray tan. Note that these

         lotions are also good to be used after tanning in any of Classic Tan’s UV beds as well or daily use; when used

         within the first 5 minutes of getting out of the shower it will lock the moisture in your skin from your shower.
3. Avoid Getting Wet
         While the tan is developing on and in the skin, try to avoid any exposure to water or wet substances. Stay in a

         cool environment to discourage sweating, and try to stay out of the rain. Exposure to excess moisture before the

         tan has fully developed can result in streaks and prevent the color from reaching its full potential.
4. Shower
         Now that the prep is done, the color has been applied and had a chance to develop, tanners are encouraged to

         take a warm shower. Cold showers make the skin contract, locking in the excess color and any grime that has

         been picked up through the day, and hot showers stretch pores open, allowing water to get deeper into the skin

         than desired, and can wash away any color that is still developing, so try to find a happy medium. In the first 

         shower, do not use soaps and do not scrub at the skin with anything other than your hand.

         Remember, the color effects the topmost layers of skin, which means tanners are perfectly capable of scrubbing

         away the tan on accident. After showering, use the tan extending lotion or a mild moisturizer to lock in moisture

         and rehydrate the skin.
5. Exfoliate
         After the end of the life of a spray tan, clients often find some bronze buildups in the creases (usually the

         underarm area) or some color that is hanging on. A good sugar or salt scrub will help exfoliate that off and get

         you ready for your next spray.

​Congratulations on a completed spray tan!

​Remember, a spray tan lasts seven to ten days, depending on how tanners take care of their skin. Come back to visit Classic Tan for another spray near the end of that time to maintain the color, or enjoy a session in Classic Tan’s UV beds to help set the tan and further bronze the skin.

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