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Tan Now Untill June 2019 for One Low Price.


VIPER: $150

LOTUS: $249


Last day to tan is May 30, 2019. How is it different from a membership? No Free upgrades on Friday, no automatic lotion discount, no additional services included. Just great tanning in the selected level bed daily.

Call our Call Center today at

515-440-1457 to schedule your next Custom Spray or Wax Appointment!

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Everyday something new, here's the calendar

so you can plan to get your FREE.

12/3 Free Prep Kit with Spray Tan

​12/4 Free Upgrade to next level bed

12/5 Free Massage Chair Session

12/6 Free Wellness Pod Session

12/7 Free Body Wash & Tan Extender  with Silverbullet Tan Till/Upgrade

12/8 Free Viper Session

12/9 Free Silverbullet Session

12/10 Free Eyewear with Purchase of

           Package or Service

12/11 Free Body Wash with Lotus

           Tan Till/Upgrade

12/12 Free Upgrade to Next Level Bed

12/13 Free 24 Hr Bronze Spray

​12/14 Free Massage Chair Session

12/15 Free Wellness Pod Session

12/16 Free CT Chapstick

12/17 Free Viper Session

12/18 Free Express Session

12/19 Free Upgrade to Next

          Level Bed

12/20 Free massage Chair Session

12/21 Free Wellness Pod Session

12/22 Free Tan Extender with     Purchase of Lotion $80 or more

12/23 Free 24 Hr Bronze Spray

12/24 Free Silverbullet Session

Buy $50 Gift Card,

Get $10 Free!



Pay as you go with this package. Pay $15-$17 per month and choose your bed the day you tan for a daily price.

      Per Visit

Express: $1.25

Viper: $2.25

Standup: $2.25

Lotus: $3.25

Silverbullet: $5.25