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Minute Package #1

SilverBullet / Cayane Bed




This package is charged to your debit/credit account automatically on the first of every month. Your account must be debited at least twice before you can cancel, freeze, or upgrade/downgrade the membership.​ At date of purchase, members will be charged a proration until the end of the month in stores, with the first draft occurring at the beginning of the following month.

Members automatically receive a free spray tan (good for 1 year), 35% off all lotions all the time, and 1/2 price upgrades to any bed!







Month Packages:

This package is purchased in store and gives daily tans for 30 days after your first tan! Month packages can be shared with one other person when purchased as a couple!

Minute Package #3

One Week Packages:

This package is purchased in store and is good for 7 days from date of purchase! Please note that you can only buy one week at a time!

You Have Access To:

Minutes Packages:

This package is purchased in store and is good for 2 years! Feel free to share this package with as many friends as you please!

60 minutes


​48 Minutes


​42 Minutes


​48 Minutes






SilverBullet / Cayane Bed Lotus bed

Viper bed

Express / Cobra Bed





choice  member

​Single $24.95     Couple  $45

Viper Bed

96 Minutes+12 Free


​96 Minutes


​72 Minutes


​96 Minutes


120 minutes+48 Free


​144 Minutes+36 Free


​120 Minutes


​120 Minutes+30 Free


Minute Package #4

Exclusive member

​Single $49.95     Couple  $80

Express / Cobra bed

Ambassador   club

​Single $69.95     Couple  $120

When you become a Member, you get many benefits such as:

Free Upgrade Friday and plenty of discounts.

SilverBullet / Cayane Bed Lotus bed 
Viper bed

Stand Up Bed 
Express / Cobra Bed

Sunless Spray Tan

Infrared Wellness Pod

Luxury Massage Chair

Lotus Bed

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Monday 11am-9pm

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​Saturday 9am-4pm

​Sunday 10am-4pm



SilverBullet / Cayane Bed Lotus bed 
Viper bed 
Express / Cobra Bed

Premier member

​Single $59.95     Couple  $90

Minute Package


160 minutes+52 Free


​220 Minutes+60 Free


​200 Minutes+120 Free


​180 Minutes+80 Free