Become a Professional Tanner

Every tanner is unique – from the desired color to skin type, from lotion preference to bed preference. But there is one thing that is consistent all across the board, and it’s that Classic Tan clients want the perfect tan. While tanning itself can be a easy break from the work day, achieving the perfect tan actually requires a little effort.

​1. Establish a Starting Point

​​The first step to developing the perfect tan starts with knowing the skin type you have and following the exposure schedule for that skin type. Tanologists at Classic Tan will ask a series of simple questions to help assess a skin type. For clients that are fair or light skinned and who burn easily, Classic Tan will allow for no more than 5 minutes in a bed the first time. For olive skinned individuals who burn rarely and and tan well, 6 minutes is recommended; For darker skinned tanners who hardly burn and tan easily, 7 minutes is allotted for the first time.

To prevent burning or skin irritation, we will only increase a tan time 1-2 minutes at a time. Tanning in a UV bed more than once in a day is not allowed, though using one of the other amenities (Revolution spray booth, luxury massage chair, or Infrared wellness pod) before or after tanning is just fine. For your safety, Classic Tan tanologists will not increase time if you have not tanned in 10 or more days. Additionally, if 30 or more days have passed, we will need to start the tan time over and start again from the beginning.

​2. Further the Base Tan

​​After a skin type has been identified and the tanning process has begun, it is recommended that you come at least 3 times each week. Additionally, every 3 to 5 tans, or at least once a week, we recommend a session in the standup UV bed. The stand up beds are designed specifically to tan the hard to reach places, like under the arms and behind the neck and knees, where pale patches can develop. Frequency and variation are key ingredients to developing the perfect even tan.

Just getting in a bed is where too many tanners are stopping. These clients come in to one of our locations and enjoy up to 15 minutes in a bed before walking out and going about their day. But in truth, tan maintenance takes place outside of the bed. Before entering a bed, we may promote aselection of lotions that happen to be on sale. This isn’t just marketing - it’s an essential part of tanning.

​3. Hydrate the skin

The use of lotions before and after being in a bed helps tokeep skin healthy and hydrated. Healthy skin has a glow all its own and keeps itself smooth and blemish free. Hydrated skin stays supple and wrinkle free even after exposure to the bed’s UV rays. Additionally, the lotions offered by Classic Tan are meant to not only hydrate the skin, but also aid your body in achieving and retaining the bronze tan that you are aiming for.

By creating a base tan on the top layer of the skin, bronzers help you to get that perfect color faster. Intensifiers work on a lower level of the skin and thus take a little longer before users will see results, but the base that is established will be deeper and longer lasting. Using a bronzer and an intensifier interchangeably will ensure that your skin is receiving not only the fullest benefits of the lotions themselves, but also the fullest effects of the bed.

4. Maintain the Perfect Tan

Even after you have gotten in a bed, established a base tan, and invested in a good hydration regimen, tanners can notice a fading in the skin’s golden color every month or so. This is entirely natural, so there is no need to worry that you are doing something wrong. Your body has a way of keeping itself maintained, and part of this process is shedding old skin cells to allow for a new shiny layer to break through. This process is ongoing, but about every 30 days, the skin you see and feel every day is brand new.

While it’s all fine and good that the skin is shiny and clean, how do you prevent your gorgeous tan from fading? The key to this is a combination of the aforementioned steps: frequency and hydration. Visiting one of our locations to enjoy the pleasant company of the tanologists and the relaxation of a bed multiple times a week will help the UV rays to reach the deeper levels of the skin, meaning that each time the skin regenerates, it still has a perfect bronze color. Keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of healthy fluids and using lotion ensures that your body has one less thing to worry about and can give its attention to keeping your skin naturally healthy and glowing.

That’s It!

Developing the perfect tan isn’t hard or extensively time consuming, but those little steps and the extra minute or two add up to a deeper, darker, longer lasting, more glowing tan. Tanologists are trained to help out to the best of their abilities, so if ever a question or concern arises during the tanning process, ask the friendly neighborhood Classic Tan tanologist!