Is tanning Safe?

Tanning is natural. When you are outside for extended periods of time, the UV rays of the sun encourage your body to produce melanin, the body chemical that makes your skin appear tan. However, when you are sun tanning, the amount of UV rays that you're exposed to varies by where you are and what time it is. When you tan in a UV Bed, you have controlled, concentrated rays to encourage melanin production. Whethe you are tanning indoors or outdoors, you will always have to be cautios of overexposure. When you are over exposed to UV rays, you can get sun burns or even develop blisters. So tan cautiously and fallow the exposure schedule when you tan indoors.

Why is eyewear required to tan?

By state and federal regulations, you are required to wear eyewear when tanning in UV Beds to shield your eyes from 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Towels and sun glasses and even your eyelids aren't effective at blocking out the rays and can result in damage to your eyesight, color vision, or night vision. To prevent any damage, we will always ask you to show us your eyewear before tanning.

Is there a minimum tanning age?

Minors under 14 can get custom spray tans, as long as a parent is present at the time of purchase and at the tanning appointment. Minors between the ages of 14 and 18 can tan in UV beds as long as we have a parental consent form on file. Minors will be expected to tan safely, just like any other client. Any client above the age of 18 can tan without any restrictions at all.

What should I bring with me when I tan?

​Every time you come in to tan you must have your eyewear and you have to show them to the Tanologist in store. However, you are welcome to bring any body lotions, nail savers, face mates, lip balm, face lotions, or Twilight Teeth sets into the room with you. The only thing you have to have is your eyewear, the rest is optional but highly recommended.

How do I tan?

The secret to high quality tanning is lotion and skin care. Before you lay down for a bit of tanning and relaxation, make sure you drink plenty of water and use tanning lotion. After you've gotten your lotion on, and your additional tanning accessories are ready, go ahead and lay down in the bed and put on your eyewear. Once you lower the bed's top, press the start button and relax. The bed will turn off automatically when your time is up. You are welcome to our wellness equipment before and after a tanning session, so check out ouradditional relaxation options.

How should I take care of my tan?

​To take care of your tan and your skin, first and foremost stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and use lotion before and after tanning. Always wait at least 24 hours between tanning sessions, because your color is still developing even when you're not in the tanning bed. During your shower, make sure you use soaps that don't have sulfates, to preserve your skin and your tan. After tanning and after showering, use a Tan Extender to moisturize your skin and extend the life of your tan.

Can I exchange my tanning products?​​

Tanologists are trained to recommend the best lotions to meet your tanning goals. However, if you purchase a product and decide later that you would like to exchange or return it, we are sorry to say that all purchases are final. 

What is the massage chair?

​This 20 minute massage chair provides 12 point mechanical massage hands to properly knead, squeeze, press, and twists the muscles of the shoulders, back, rear, and thighs. Additionally, the chair provides advanced roller technology to apply steady massage pressure to all parts of the feet.

what is the wellness pod?

​This is a UV free dry sauna-type health and wellness pod. The Infrared Wellness Pod utilizes heat therapy and vibration massage technology to encourage the body to relax, rejuvenate, and lose weight. The Pod also has adjustable facial fans to provide cool comfort during every session.

​How long is a session in the wellness equipment?

Classic Tan'swellness equipmenthas sessions available in the Massage Chair and the Wellness Pod for up to 20 minutes. If your time is limited, you an do 10 minute sessions as well.

What are the benefits of joining the Classic Club?

When you join the Classic Club, you are instantly rewarded with a free spray tan and 35% off lotions after your sign up process is complete. To learn more about being a member, check out our Membershippage.

How do Classic Club payments work?

When you sign up in store, our Tanologists will get billing information from you. On that day you will be charged a prorate for the rest of the month. On the first of the fallowing month, you will notice an automatic withdrawal. This automatic payment system is designed so that you can relax every time you come in, knowing you've already paid for your well deserved "me time."

How can I cancel my Classic Club membership?

So you need to cancel your membership for some reason -- We'll miss you! To cancel your membership, come by one of our location and talk to a Tanologist. Canceling your membership means that you will no longer be charged to your card on file. You will have until the end of the month to continue tanning and to take advantage of your membership benefits. If you decide to come back in the future, you will need to sign up for another membership or purchase another tanning package.

Can I place a hold on my membership?​

​If you need a break from tanning, Classic Tan offers a "Freeze" option for you membership. As long as your membership account has been drafted automatically at least twice, you can Freeze your account. Freezing your account means that you are charged $5 for each month that your account is not being used to tan. However, when you unfreeze, the money you have been paying is returned to you to be used on other packages and products in store.

What are the hours of  each Classic Tan location?

​All of our locations are open from 9am to 9pm Monday through Thursday and close at 7pm on Fridays. All of our locations are open from 9am to 4pm on Saturdays and 10am to 4pm on Sundays.

What are some tanning tips?

Classic Tan is currently running an image series of tanning tips every Tuesday onFacebook, Twitter, andInstagram. Check out our social media accounts for past and future Tan Tips!

What is the best way to take care of skin while tanning?

Moisturize! Tanning is drying on the skin, so the number one way to take care of your skin is to drink lots of water and use lotion before and after you tan. Learn more aboutthe benefits of staying hydratedand check out our selection of tanning lotions.

Where can I find Classic Tan's current specials?

Our specials change regularly, with the exception of a few specials that are running every day, and we post them everywhere. To see our current specials, keep an eye on our social media accounts where we post about our specials, product reviews, and more. Also, check out the Specialspage, which is updated regularly. Specials are also regularly posted in each of our locations, so talk to your local Tanologist if you have any questions.

Can I contact Classic Tan directly?

​You are welcome to message Classic Tan on Facebook, email us through our Contact Uspage, or call us during our hours of business at 515-440-1457. If we don't answer immediately, please be patient and we'll contact you as soon as we can.

Understand the Tanning Process

Do I have to have an appointment to spray tan?

Almost all of our locations have a Norvell Revolution Spray Booth that is preset with four different spray tan options. Because of this, you almost never need an appointment to get instant color. The only time you need an appointment for a Sunless Tan is when you have decided on a Custom Color. To set up a Custom Color with a trained Tanologist, call 515-440-1457 to arrange an appointment.

Will my skin look orange after a spray tan?

Classic Tan uses a high quality spray solution with a purple and green base to ensure you will never be orange after a spray tan. Other tanning places can use a pink or yellow base, which can result in orange coloring. If you ever notice a problem with your color results during or after the development of your spray tan, call your Tanologist to get it addressed as quickly as possible.

If I get a spray tan can I tan in a UV Bed too?

Yes you can! The process of getting a spray tan followed by a session in the stand up bed to increase how quickly your spray tan develops, is called Double Dipping. We even have aselection of productsdesigned to make your experience the best it can be while also extending the life of your tan.

How long does it take for my spray tan to develop?

​Depending on the spray solution you use in your spray tan, you development time may vary. Admittedly, you can do your warm water rinse in as little as an hour. However, letting your spray tan develop for the full time (3 hours or 12 hours) is the best way to make sure your color gets as dark as it can and lasts as long as possible. To learn more about your spray tan and the tanning process, check out our Learn More page.

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