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Revolution spray booth

This is a UV free spray tanning booth. The Revolution is the latest in spray booth technology. Bronze, hydrate, and smooth your skin in minutes with the best spray solution on the market.

Infrared wellness pod

This is a UV free dry sauna-type health and wellness pod. The Infrared Wellness Pod utilizes heat therapy and vibration massage technology to encourage the body to relax, rejuvenate, and lose weight. The Pod also has adjustable facial fans to provide cool comfort during every session.


This 12 minute lay down tanning bed utilizes adjustable facial tanners as well as an air conditioned lounge acrylic with multi-speed full body cooling. This canopy provides closer body symmetry for a darker tan.

Luxury Massage Chair

This 20 minute massage chair provides 12 point mechanical massage hands to properly knead, squeeze, press, and twists the muscles of the shoulders, back, rear, and thighs. Additionally, the chair provides advanced roller technology to apply steady massage pressure to all parts of the feet.


This 12 minute lay down tanning bed has mirrored facial glass for optimum UVA tanning, as well as a 2 speed body blower to keep air circulating during your session.

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Every bed is made to give you the bronze of your dreams!

Silverbullet / Cayane

​This 12 minute lay down tanning bed utilizes high pressure adjustable facial tanners, shoulder tanners, and neck tanners. The Silverbullet has a double cooled lounge acrylic with full body and upper body fans. The Elliptical Design canopy provides closer body symmetry for a beautifully dark tan.

Express / Cobra

This 15 minute lay down tanning bed has a 2 speed body fan with an easy lift canopy. This starter bed provides a great bronzed color at an economical price.

Stand up

This 10 minute tanning booth will help those hard to reach places on your body, like the pressure points on your back as well as under the arms. For more comfortable tanning, this bed also offers a direct venting system to keep you cool. Viper, Lotus, and Silverbullet packages have unlimited accessibility to this bed.

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