Beyond the relaxing UV beds and the sunless spray booth, every Classic Tan location offer the amenities of the Luxury Massage Chairand the Infrared Wellness Pod. These two relaxation tools are great to use together, in combination with a tanning bed, or even individually. Whether you are looking for health benefits, an extra bit of relaxation, or just a moment of peace and quiet, these options are a great selection.

The body carries a lot of strain as the days wear on. Stresses from work and social circles, poor posture, and even sleeping positions can all work the muscles of the body into uncomfortable knots that may not be noticed until it's too late and all you feel is a throbbing pain. Along with stress and tension, the body naturally filters toxins from air and food and some of those toxins can become trapped in the body.

The Infrared Wellness Pod not only soothes sore muscles, but also decreases stress, aids in increased metabolism, helps improve flexibility and range of motion, provides joint and muscle relief, and reduces water retention and bloating. These benefits and many more are achieved through a natural process of hidrosis, hyperthermic conditioning, and massage vibrations. By flushing out harmful toxins and impurities from the body, it is able to better take care of itself, thus making the individual look and feel better all the way around.

By combining body heat therapy with massage vibration, the Pod becomes the wellness sanctuary that you have been dreaming of. Hypothermic conditioning encourages the body to sweat out the bad toxins that have invaded it, allowing you to shed up to 2-6 pounds of water weight in 10 consistent sessions. Remember though, that this weight loss is mostly from water weight, so we asks that you hydrate well before and after a session in the Infrared Wellness pod.

To ease aches and pains in joints and muscles, the Pod also uses hyperthermic conditioning to warm the muscles and tendons to increase the body’s flexibility performance and range of motion. Additionally, the relaxation provided by the massage vibration and the heat therapy encourage the brain to change the levels of the chemicals it releases to the body, resulting in less stress and higher brain function.

With five different modes to focus on relaxation, comfort, muscle retention and relaxation, and weight loss, there is always something for everyone with the Wellness Pod. As aPremier or Ambassador Member, clients are allowed unlimited access to the Luxury Massage Chair and the Infrared Wellness Pod, though it is also possible to purchase single or package sessions in either one. We have found that using the Wellness Pod 2-3 times per week, starting at a lower temperature and increasing slowly over time, in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise is the best way to feel the full benefits of this wonderful addition to the Classic Tan experience.

Total Body Health in a Pod