Beyond the relaxing UV beds and the sunless spray booth, some Classic Tan locations offer the amenities of the Luxury Massage Chair and theInfrared Wellness Pod. These two relaxation tools are great to use together, in combination with a tanning bed, or even individually. Whether you are looking for health benefits, an extra bit of relaxation, or just a moment of peace and quiet, these options are a great selection.

Arms, legs, feet, shoulders, and the back carry a lot of strain as the days wear on. Stresses from work and socializing, poor posture, and even sleeping positions can all work the muscles of the body into uncomfortable knots that may not be noticed until it's too late and all you feel is a throbbing pain. To reduce muscle tension and fatigue, a massage is definitely the way to go.

When using the Luxury Massage Chair for the first time, a Classic Tan tanologist will walk you through proper operation of the chair, and explain that the only real rules are: shoes off and relax. After pressing turning on the chair, clients press a button on the chair’s remote to enter zero gravity. The chair will then recline to about 118º, which lifts the thighs and calfs above the heart. By angling the body to this position, gravity works to distribute pressure all around the body for full muscle release and relaxation.

By providing 12 point comfort, mechanical massage hands can provide professional service. These intelligent mechanical hands are constantly assessing the body’s curves so that they can properly knead, squeeze, press, and twists the muscles of the shoulders, back, rear, and thighs. By adjusting to the individual curves of your body, the chair allows you to feel refreshed and relaxed for the entire chair session.

Along with the massage hands that will sooth sore back muscles, the chair uses airbags to compress, hold, and release the arms, calves, ankles, and feet. In doing so, the chair combines four different kinds of pressure methods to release tension in the muscles of the arms and legs.

Finally, the chair provides “Guasha” massage by combining mechanical hand touch with advanced roller technology to apply steady massage pressure to all parts of the feet. Using this technique and gradually increasing and decreasing the pressure of the foot massage throughout the session, this Luxury Massage Chair brings unprecedented comfort and enjoyment to every experience.

As a Premier or Ambassador Member, clients are allowed unlimited access to the massage chair and the Infrared Wellness Pod, though it is also possible to purchase single or package sessions in either one. We have found that using the massage chair after muscles have had a chance to start relaxing in the Wellness Pod or any of the UV tanning beds is the best way to feel the full benefits of this wonderful addition to the Classic Tan experience.

Relax to the Max in the Massage Chair